From Paris traveling to meet a client as a london escort

Yesterday I’ve received a review from one of my clients:

I stood at the window of my hotel room in London looking out at the park desperately wanting a cigarette. I had quit smoking three months prior but now I was really nervous. I was in London for business, and my week had been absolutely hectic. I was really glad that the weekend had finally arrived.
The escort that I had arranged to meet through a London escort agency was on her way to my hotel from the airport. I had organised the whole thing on the advice of a colleague that had met her in Paris. He said that she was not only the most beautiful London Escort that he had ever seen but sexually she was beyond description. And in a social situation she would be able to hold her own with kings and queens and statesmen. In other words she was smart and pretty and also an amazing lover. So why was I nervous? I had spoken to her on the phone and seen her pictures, but one can never be certain until meeting face to face, Arranging her to travel to me(in London) involved an element of risk.
Reception called up to me to tell me that my ‘wife’(she didn’t know she was an escort) had arrived and I waited nervously for her to come up the lift. I already had the door open as she walked down the hall. My worries were needless, as before me stood one of the most intriguing beautiful women that I had ever seen. Her body was exceptional and her smile alone could have stopped traffic. She kissed me gently on the cheek as she came in and whispered into my ear.
“I’m horny after all that traveling” she said.
“Would you like a drink or something?” I asked.
“That would be lovely” she replied with an air of absolute grace and charm. “but I would not mind a quick fuck too, if there is time.”
We would be attending a dinner function, where she would be my ‘date’ and then she was mine for the entire evening. The dinner was in the hotel and didn’t start for another 45 minutes.
“Sounds perfect” I said eagerly.
“Let me just freshen up a little” she said, and went to the loo. She had an air about her that was unmistakably classy. I had no doubt that she could hold her own amongst my colleagues at dinner.
When she came out, she had nothing on but lingerie. She was smooth and perfect and so very sexy. She walked right up to me and got down on her knees, looking up at me with what seemed to be eyes of pure innocence.
“May I suck your cock please?” she asked.
No one, and I do mean no one on earth, could have refused such an offer from such a beauty. She undid my pants and took my cock into her mouth. With one hand she cupped my balls and with the other went in tandem with her mouth. It wasn’t long before I was rock hard.
“You are going to make me cum” I said. With that she slid one of her hands into her panties to masturbate. She made sure that I could see it.
“Please do” she said and continued what she was doing.
Just as I began to cum she pulled away so that jet after jet of warm sticky semen ran between her breasts and all over her sexy lace bra. I came so hard that I could barely stand. I think that she made herself climax too as I sprayed her with my cum.
“I hope that you will fuck me hard later” she said.
We got ready to go to the dinner, tidying up a little and having a chat about Paris. I was glad I had chosen her to come see me. Absolute class and style inside a total beauty. Later in the evening things got much hotter, but that you will have to find out on your own. I don’t kiss and tell. I have to say that it’s best London Escort I’ve ever met.

Thank you Glenn xx

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